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blogger navbar The blogger navbar is on the top of every Blogger hosted blog. The Blogger support say`s the navbar can be removed only on FTP hosted blogs:

Unless you publish your blog via FTP, the Navbar cannot be disabled.

Why remove blogger navbar ?
  • Without the navigation bar your blog will look more professional and you will have a little more space. This is the main reason.

  • Why keep blogger navbar ?
  • If you keep the navigation bar your blog will receive a small amount of traffic from the "Next Blog" button.
  • If you remove the blogger navbar do it on your own risk , it`s breaking the TOS (Terms of Service) of Blogger, your blog can be banned , it`s true i have never heard about banned blogs from this reason.
  • To remove or hide the blogger navbar follow the bellow steps:

    1. Go to your blogger dashboard

    2. Go to Layout , Edit HTML

    3. Now we need just to insert a short CSS code in the blog template. Place the following code somewhere between <b:skin><![CDATA[/* and ]]>

    #navbar-iframe {display: none;}

    Like here:

    4. Save your template ,if you have followed the above steps the navbar will not be visible.
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    In case anyone is interested in whether or not hiding the blogger navbar is a violation of the Blogger TOS, it isn't. See the following post with an explanation by a Blogger employee:

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