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How to check your backlinks

August 20, 2009

First read my post about backlinks and how important are them for a well SE Optimized page.Check your progress on building backlinks is not important from SEO perspective but it`s i good to know the number of your backlinks. Find out the number of your backlinks (or the backlinks od your rivals) using the following free online SEO tools and services:

1. SmartPageRank Backlinks Pagerank Checker
This tool can check the PageRank of your backlinks, the anchor text and if its DO- or No- follow.

This tool is allmost the same as the above one but this will check the PageRank of the Homepage of your backlinks and the number of pages where your backlinks are linking (Outbounding Links)

3. Google Webmaster toolsSign in to your Webmaster account and find the Links to your site page where is a list of your pages. After every page is the number of backlinks it has, click on a number to see the backlinks of that page.

NOTE: Check your backlinks with and without www. With these tools you can check the backlinks of each individual page. Keep building...TIPS: Check the backlinks of your competitors ,try to get link from the same pages as they.
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