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Most of your blog readers are only reading your blog without commenting. The problem is that just a very little amount of readers are contributing. With good techniques you can increase the amount of contributing members. Encourage your visitors to leave comments on your blog:

1. Make commenting easy - Your visitors may want to leave comments but if they don`t know how to or just they are too lazy to comment if it`s to hard. Allow anonymous comments, place the comment form bellow posts, and remove the word verification.
  • To place the comment form bellow posts go to Settings , Comments and select the Embedded bellow posts option at Comment Form Placement.
  • Select the Anyone option at Wo Can Comment? to allow anonymous comments.
  • Select No at Show Word Verification for Comments? to remove the word verification.
2. Make your blog DoFollow - Your visitors will leave comments to build backlinks for they own blog. If your blog is Dofollow every comment is a backlink for the reader who posted the comment, but be carefull cause some unwanted visitors will try to SPAM your blog with bad quality comments to create backlinks.

3. Ask them - Ask your visitors to comment, ask them to share they opinion and suggestions. Place questions on your posts and talk with your visitors , be active and they willl follow you.

4. Respond to comments - Respond to comments , talk with your visitors to create a community. Try to respond fast as it`s possible to all the questions they ask. If they ask something you don`t know say what you think about it and ask them to share they view.

5. Comment on other blogs - Demonstrate to your visitors that your are active on other blogs. By commenting on other blogs you will get more backlinks and maybe the owners of the other blogs will leave comments on your blog.

Thanks for reading my posts and please contribute to our community by posting a comment !
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