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The importance of the Meta Description tag

December 06, 2009

How important is the meta description tag ?
-this is a very frequently asked question by blogger all around the world.

These days the importance of the meta description is less and less important. The meta description was originally and important factor for a higher position in search engines ranking. On that time search engines weren`t so "wise", and the meta descriptions where full of spammy keywords.

Now search engines are more wiser and spamming your meta description might can bring to get penalized or even banned. It`s not easy to recover your blog from a ban. Be aware, if you decide to use meta descriptions don`t make them look spammy and don`t stuff the them whit lots of keywords.

If you have a relevant meta description google may use it as a snippet for search results description , else it will use a piece of text from your content or instead google may use your ODP (DMOZ) directory description.

A well written meta description can attract more visitors through search engines search results , but be careful , don`t use the same description for all your pages ,google and some other search engines may threat this as duplicated content.
Try to keep your description tag bellow 150 characters (including spaces), don`t repeat any word more than twice ,a high keyword density may can bring to get penalized. Write accurate ,relevant and unique descriptions for each particular page, write them for humans instead of search engines.

In conclusion, the meta description tag is useless for your ranking. It has no weight in google algorithm.
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Blogcatalog - a great traffic source

December 03, 2009

blog directory , traffic source Blogcatalog is a great blog directory which aggregates member activity across other popular networks. Blogcatalog offers many features ,you can follow other users and other users can follow you. By following someone you will see their updates (newest blog posts , profile changes , friends list updates...) on your dashboard. The bad part of this social blogger community is that the links are NoFollow , but using it well can bring you lots of visitors.

Sign up , it worth! Your blog will be ranked, with a higher rank you will be in a higher position on the blogs list in your category. Your score is depending on the number of reviews and the ratings what your profile visitors gave to your blog. Talk with other bloggers and get them to vote your blog. Following others and being active will help go gain followers and more traffic for you. Add your communities to your profile ,maybe some of your visitors will follow you on other networks ,too. The key to get traffic from social networks is to talk with others , make friend , join groups , to be active. For example if you are an addicted to blogging join my Blogcatalog Group: Bloggers Group

Blogger is a very large social blog directory with more than 125.000 blogs ranked, 4.500 groups to join and it`s in the top 1000 websites in the world with an Alexa rank of 294. According to Alexa.com Blogcatalog is online since 25-Apr-2004 and has 32.927 sites linking in.
Blogcatalog offers a large range of free widgets like Recent Readers Widget , News Feed Widget , Communities Widgets and more.

The Blogcatalog Community Blog is a place to highlight great blogs and bloggers, share the latest blogging and social media news, review tools for bloggers and keep you up to date on what's going on at Blogcatalog.
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