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How important is the meta description tag ?
-this is a very frequently asked question by blogger all around the world.

These days the importance of the meta description is less and less important. The meta description was originally and important factor for a higher position in search engines ranking. On that time search engines weren`t so "wise", and the meta descriptions where full of spammy keywords.

Now search engines are more wiser and spamming your meta description might can bring to get penalized or even banned. It`s not easy to recover your blog from a ban. Be aware, if you decide to use meta descriptions don`t make them look spammy and don`t stuff the them whit lots of keywords.

If you have a relevant meta description google may use it as a snippet for search results description , else it will use a piece of text from your content or instead google may use your ODP (DMOZ) directory description.

A well written meta description can attract more visitors through search engines search results , but be careful , don`t use the same description for all your pages ,google and some other search engines may threat this as duplicated content.
Try to keep your description tag bellow 150 characters (including spaces), don`t repeat any word more than twice ,a high keyword density may can bring to get penalized. Write accurate ,relevant and unique descriptions for each particular page, write them for humans instead of search engines.

In conclusion, the meta description tag is useless for your ranking. It has no weight in google algorithm.
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I spent a lot of time doing my meta tags. Just in case...

I was not awre of using Meta tags...
This post made me to rethink adding meta tags to my template

I think I may take you up on the offer and send you an SEO post or two...

Hi respected author
Thanks for great guidelines. Really useful for me. Please keep posting.

I like your blog it's very informative. Just bookmarked it and subscribed in a reader. Your article is very informative. I am bookmarking it for my future reference.

i like your blog
i still learn how to use meta description tag
and until now my blog still not index on DMOZ

I like very much for posting this article.good job !

Meta description is important as said by many seo experts, still people have many confusions related to this topic, good explination in this aeticle.

Thanks for sharing the information as I am not fully aware of meta tags. It arouses my curiosity on the said topic. Keep going!

Thanks for sharing such a nice Blog

Good information, people new in SEO can refer to post.

Thanks for a great article it helped me understand a little more about the importance of meta description tags.

In short meta description tells the spider what the site is all about. It describes your site content.

The Description Meta Tags of the website web page basically tells the Google search engines bot about the page main theme.

Thanks for the tips I thought Meta tags were out dated and not of any real value any more.

Good fundamentals, I just had some notes to add. First it is best not to have duplicate meta tags on your site. At this point Google webmaster tools can help you find any you may have. Next don’t forget about what is on the page make sure you have an H1 tag with your keywords and good seo copywriting with about 3% keyword density.

Thanks for the share..


Meta tag must be used in each page of a website because when a crawler read the source of the page it also search for description of the page that is helpful at the time of indexing of the page.

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meta description is so useful for the search engine ranking it plays a vital role in ranking of a site.

So nice of you for posting this good tool.

Though meta keywords tag are not the main factor search engines consider when ranking sites, but they should not be left off the page because that plays a role to. In future I'm sure this going to be one of the major factors in ranking a website.

Thanks for sharing your views!!


Meta description has no weight at all in terms of SEO.

But meta description is important for enticing users to visit your website when they find you on the search engines.

Arouse their curiousity enough and they will visit your site!

I don't feel meta tags are near as important as they used to be but some like title and descriptions are HUGELY important.

I agree with you, nice post dude. Btw , why your blog has few articles ? keep writing man .. Content is The King .

I know, but I don`t have enough time....
I have to go to school and I`m creating an another website now, but I will write on this blog, too.

But when people searching particular keyword, that time google will display the meta description or it takes particular words in content related to that keyword.

Keyword density also play a important role....must be4 to 5%

Most people know that Meta tag is necessary in all websites but Most people don't know that Google don't give any weight age to a Meta tag which is Keyword tag.

Wow, one of the best read posts so far.

If the meta tags not so important, what factors will help our site to better ranked in google?
Thank you


[meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' name='Description'/]

In the above tag i want to add my own sentences with page title. Please help me to do that..

I tried the following but it shows error

[meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' + 'My own sentences which describes more about my website' name='Description'/]

Try out: [meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle + My own sentences which describes more about my website' name='Description'/]
I haven`t tested it yet, but it should workd


Thanks for your reply. I tried but it throws me below error.

TEMPLATE ERROR: RHS of numeric is null before 25 in data:blog.pageTitle + My own sentences which describes more about my website

Though they said that metas are not important, well, still we can still include those tags on our site. We should have a decent description and title so that visitors can able to remember at least a page on your site.

I never knew that meta tags are starting to lose their importance. I still believe that using them is a good thing though. Thanks for sharing!

I think you anyone cannot get the top rank for their any keyword without using the Meta Description tag. It helps search engines to index the website in right category and the Meta Description shows on the search result pages for users to know about the website.

So in such a case what we have to do... all the meta description must same or what ..
very important post for SEO

The Meta Description Tag usually consists of 25 to 30 words or less using no more than 160 to 180 characters total.For beginners,make sure your META Description Tag is relevant to the content on the page.

Great tips. Meta description is really important. However, search engines today have given less weight to it because of how spammers used it to trick bots.

Good information.Meta Tags are one of the most important thing in Promo link deleted by Mod Webnauts /Search Engine Marketing, In that "Meta description tag" is the most important one. The META Description Tag usually consists of 25 to 30 words or less using not more than 160 to 180 characters totally including spaces.

Meta tags is just a short description of the site. Giving a descriptive and not spammy meta will effectively give your site a win-win result. This post actually clears my confusion against meta's. Thanks:)

Meta Tags were designed to provide webmasters with a way to help search engines know what their site was about. This in turn helped the search engines decide how to rank the sites in their search results. Anyways, thanks for the good info!

nice for the beginners :) keep posting

meta tags of all description are important. To both the SE and the consumers. Use them right and you will have a happy bunch :) Often call to action pointers can be used, which are obviously good SEO techniques!!

Great job done by educating us in such a easy way its highly productive information which can be very useful.

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Really helpful tips, I knew that meta tags can be manipulated for better rankings but was afraid of getting them wrong. Now I think I know what is the right way to use them.

Old but good news, any way, everyone have to set meta description.

It is really good for seo. we will get brief description about our product in google page

Thanks for great comprehensive post. I agree with you. At Present, Seo experts says Meta tags are not important for seo.

Thanks for sharing! This is well-written, has lots of tips and comprehensive.

Great article! Glad to be here and read a wonderful article about meta tag. Still I think google and other search engine provides priority to meta tags.

Meta tag is important which most researcher looking for especially from the search engine, they not only looking on big title, there also look at meta tag before enter to the website

your writing is very useful some says meta tags are not taken into account

The Description Meta Tags of the website web page basically tells the your services. Meta Tags were designed to provide webmasters with a way to help search engines know what their site was about.

It's very well known that meta descriptions are old news. However, it should be in your practice to follow through with doing them the right way. It's great to search now and not get descriptions with tons of keyword stuffing.

Wow... many people involved!

Very important information about meta tags

Thanks for sharing! The Description Meta Tags of the website web page basically tells the your services.Most people don't know that Google don't give any weight age to a Meta tag which is Keyword tag.

i dont know why you always have to post such amazing posts, to be true, I love the way you show us different techniques, although some of them quite hilarious but some are very efficient.

That's so cute and lovely, thanks for sharing such a nice post, I would like to say a big thanks to you for sharing such a nice picture with us.

Thanks! I was guilty of this - personally I think the title tag is more important than the meta tags though.

Meta elements are typically used to specify page description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other metadata. Building the Perfect Page is a series of topics discussing the basics of web page development.

It play an important role in a web site with their each page because meta elements are typically used to specify page description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other metadata.

yeah you are right meta element should be always anti-spamming and always should be relavent to the topic and we should consist our important keywords in it as a discriptions.

Thank's for sharing
i'm new to blogspot,,

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