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My first comment

June 17, 2009

After 3 weeks of seo optimizing and blogging i have aproved my first comment.
I am very happy to see the results of my work , this gives me motivation to continue with this blog. I think this is the time to share the first statistics of my blog.
I`m using google analytics to track my visitors , most of my traffic is from blogger.com and other referring sites , i had some direct traffic and a verry small amount of visitors from search engines: 35 visitors , from google. I had 2 visits from my targetted keywords and 28 visits from the seo-tips-blogger.blogspot.com keyword, the rest is from other keywords.traffic source
I have earnd 0.26 $ from adsense but this is normal from my low traffic.
I have 19 backlinks , but i`m waiting to be included on many blog and link directories. In the last 2 days the blog was more populated the other days so i go in the right direction. Related tutorials:


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