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How to back up blogger

August 10, 2009

Back up your blog before any to make any changings in the code of your template or when before you want to edit your posts. Back up your blog regulary to avoid data losing.
1. How to back up your blog:

Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Setting , click on the Export blog link.
back up
Click on the DOWNLOAD BLOG button and save the XML file. With this your template , your posts and comments will be saved.
2. How to back up your template:
Go to your blogger dashboard , click on Layout , Edit HTML. There is a link: Download Full Template , click on it and save your template XML file. Every time when you want to change something in your template first download the XML file and if something goes wrong just uplod your template by clicking on the Browse... , select the XML file and click on the Upload button.
The second way to back up your template is to copy and paste your template code in any text editor like Notepad and save it in a .txt file. If something goes wrong when you work on your template just replace the entire code with the code saved in the .txt file.
3. How to back up your posts
You can back up your posts easily by using the BlogSend feature. To use it go to Settings , Email&Mobile , your posts will be sended to a given email adress so if you accidentaly delete one you can back up it from your email adress. Type your email adress in the BlogSend Adress textfield and click on the SAVE SETTINGS button.
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