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Have a blog , maybe with some good posts , but without readers ?
This is the problem of many bloggers. It`s important to have quality content , so the visitors will come back to see whats new , is forming a community and if you post regularly the visitors will come back regularly , too. But , first you need visitors who to come back... I will post a lot of tips and tutorials to gain traffic , money from adsense and how to customize your template.
  • The best traffic source are the Search Engines eg: Google , Yahoo , MSN ...seo
To gain traffic from the you need to make a good seo (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Another traffic sources are the blog directorias or social networks eg: DMOZ , Technorati , Twitter MySpace....blog directories
I will post about these traffic sources too , so if you want increase your traffic please subscribe to my feed and read my posts! Related tutorials:


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