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See how fast your blog is loading with WebWait

September 19, 2009

WebWait is a free tool what checks the loading speed of a website or blog. The loading time is depending on many factors, like the speed of your host. If you have hosted your blog on blogger you can improve the host speed only by buying a faster host, but don`t worry , are many free ways, too. First check the loading speed of your blog, to check it just go to WebWait.com and type in your blog URL and click on the Time it! button.
webwait website loading timeThe average loading time of my blog is 2.12. This is a good loading time , try to keep your loading time bellow 5s. You can improve the loading speed by removing some unnecessary gadgets and plugins. Use small images , don`t use large images scaled to a small size. Try to use a simple color as background or create a very small image and use the repeat tags. With this tool you can set the number of trials and the time between the checks. This tool shows the result of each individual check, too.
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